Kimberly Siao is the author of “My Flight Stories” a perspective of an absolute traveler in the field of personal and professional work-related services.

This bohemian chic island girl is a flight attendant, and an Airbnb host. She is also currently the CEO of We.Hrvst Lifestyle, a passion and lifestyle brand. A wanderlust with a bag packed with experiences.

Kimi, as her peers call her developed her passion for writing since college, trained to draft and caucus policy papers for mock Model United Nations, which she took part of in two plenary sessions in the U.S-New York and South Korea. She also attended a cultural and language exchange program in Strasbourg, France. Her experience for research writing progressed after working as an assistant research writer for the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines.

Her love for traveling didn’t stop there, she has engaged herself to travel solo in her early 20s. She has always been an advocate for mental health counseling, personality talk and creative writing. She is grounded and manages her skills and business one bag at a time. 

With this, her job gives her the passion to engage in being of service to others in need and views the world in different levels. Her experiences, talents aNd patience enables her to share her knowledge and creativity through her services.  

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