Let’s face it, the year 2020 has gotten us shaken and nervous on the next line for the future. 

It started as a state where the level of urgency was low and people went on with their normal lives as usual.

When it alarmed countries the level of urgency began to rise high, people complied with hope that the situation would be ‘temporary’.

The dragging months of continuous lockdowns, restrictions and advantages for national security was slowly taking effect. The level of urgency was critical. People started to worry about surviving on livelihood.

I miss my office view in the sky

I wake up every morning, staring at the wall as I struggled to survive myself in a studio-type condominium.

I was out of work for 5 months surviving myself with money to spare me to buy groceries, supplies not to mention bills and rent to pay!

Everyday was a struggle for me. I had to develop skills to survive such as decluttering and learning to cook a decent meal.

My feelings were all over the place. I had anxiety attacks and went into minor depression. I resolved this by daily exercise, constant communication with friends and family, meditation and also returning to writing & blogging.

Lockdown Checklist:

I was on lockdown for 5 months.

I was away from my hometown, on leave from work with no pay and seeking desperate measures on how I can manage to pay my bills and rent. Depression and anxiety also high, but I managed to pick myself up and start to venture on different actions.

These realizations had me thinking about the my future and of others as well. 

Has any of the following listed below occurred to you during the pandemic lockdown?

Luckily, with the world going digital there are a lot of ways to get back up and start fresh. It’s all about the mindset of how we process and resolve to find ways for a secured future. 

For me, the most important part of starting your flight story again is ensuring a happy ending. For instances, obstacles and challenges may rise and adjustments to adjust to the ‘new normal’ will alter.

Instead of buying a car and all the things I wanted, I went on to invest in insurance.

I have family and friends who got benefits from insurance. There are even stories of those who met tragedies without event getting insurance.

Yes sure, I wanted to buy all the things my colleagues had ( properties, car, top of the line gadgets etc.) but I went on to choose the decision that persuaded me to choose the most practical investment. It was also a strong advice from my economist father.

The best way to ensure for a secured future is to INVEST in life insurance.

Any individual setting aside status and profession can avail for an insurance. This is one of the best investments I made when I started as a Flight Attendant. Not only is it the best decision, but also a wise one. Not all can tell what the future lies, we didn’t even see the pandemic happening! 

We can enjoy all the things we have with us. With the pandemic on hand, it gives us more reasons to helping us in the long run. Aside from that, there are job opportunities that insurance company offer to be part of the team and earn.

Want to know how? Ask me how

Invest in your future and start today!

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