Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

The classic and famous Confucius quote hangs on the office walls as a visual reminder whenever we are called to work before a flight. I couldn’t agree more. 

We are all entitled to work, basically that’s the rule of life. But ever wonder what it takes for cabin crew to maintain poise and patience on a high-risk job?

Questions like “Do you get any rest”? or “How can you manage to keep all passengers safe and sane in flight?” And the iconic “Aren’t you afraid of your job?”

Trust me, I get this a lot. 

Let me keep it simple for you, the beauty of flying is not always about the kind of lifestyle that is presented to us, but how we chose to live with it. 

The life of a cabin crew is not an easy job. Given the perks and privileges we are also faced with the challenges of obstacles of flying. Yet why do we still choose to fly?

To come up with a concrete conclusion for this question, I came across an article reading Neil Ducoff of the”Great Game of Business” with his article on Top 10 Reason Why Employees Stay. 

Inspired with this, I came up with a blog for the benefit of my readers to understand what it takes to be a cabin crew and how we have the gut-courage to face this job and maintain our lifestyle.  

There are multiple reasons why we your cabin crew like to stay consistent on this job, despite the factors that we are aware of. Here are some insights to feed your mind

1. Long Term Plans

Who doesn’t want a good future? We know that we are secured with this job, if we are financially focus-minded. We all want to think for the benefit of a good future, and mind you this is the main goal. 

We wont deny it, but our job compensates us and our state of living. Whether we are single, married or have other priorities to handle, being a cabin crew saves us both shortcomings for short and long term future.

2. Great Escape

 A getaway and escape from problems unsettled at home or factors contributing to stress outside of the work environment. We look for ways to de-stress to keep our minds cool.

By working, we keep ourselves busy by focusing time and effort on flying. Excuse our behavior should we be moody, we are people who have feelings too!

3. Get Inspiration

Finding inspiration to fly is a challenging but worthwhile experience. This grasps the attention of meeting passengers traveling with different stories to tell. We are faced with different people that come from all around the world, and we get the chance to know more about culture and places. It could be seeing families, couples or friends travel together. Who knows? Maybe finding love in flight? We all have our reasons. 

4. Crew Colleagues

Sometimes it could be the people we are working and flying with. If there are positive signs that crew members have that togetherness and camaraderie among members, then that flight is bound to generate a positive happy flight. We look forward flying with our colleagues turned to friends/ or significant partners because we know the work load is lighter and better and more fun! 

5. Live Up To Our Responsibilities

We have our own lives wit priorities. Being a flight attendant calls for balancing time for personal and work life. We have become dedicated to hold a responsibility to the job that we dreamed of.

Being a cabin crew member may lose us time away from our families, loved ones, plans and even time for ourselves. We make sure to find ways to risk time and rest just to be with them. It also saves us the benefit of surviving for ourselves or for families, in which all the more motivates us to work. 

6. Reunion

Relating to #5, Flying gives us the chance to reunite with families, relatives and friends who are living abroad. It also gives us a better chance to help them feel more at home with items that we can transport and bring back for them. 

7. Travel Perks and Benefits

Of course! What a way to say that one of the best part of being a cabin crew is that we get to visit other places that are given and granted to us either for free or on discount. Whether it would be international or domestic, being in the airline industry gives us the opportunity to visit these beautiful places. 

8. Motivation 

As what Ducoff stated “work has purpose and meaning” 

We are motivated to work because we know the nature of job ordeals a great demand of effort under safety and service.  It makes us indifferent to explain situations that our passengers may not understand for this we educate them instead of taunt them. 

We are motivated to show the company that we are influencers and we can make a difference. As long as we are taken care of, we choose to fly to benefit the two-way process of contributing to the excellence of our work. 

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