Dear World, 

That fine morning, I was awakened to see, 

For a winter, neither to warm nor too cold with a view so carefree, Birds were chirping, I felt the breeze from trees, 

The sip of morning’s coffee, tea or whiskey did not displease.

 I compared winter mornings from other places, 

No snow, or gloom with flakes that I could chase, 

Instead the sun is smiling, but with the wind you can hardly see it call, 

I am convinced that this feel a lot more like fall. 

There is a reason so they say, 

Why there are mornings like this to help us wake up one day,

And feed on life’s purpose, how gentle and pure, 

A way out of this shit hole, this could be the cure. 

Alone and isolation sometimes it’s what we need, 

Escaping life’s reality and give our mind’s something to feed, 

Now what exactly in this context am I trying to enfold? 

That there lies something beautiful, even when we’re cold. 

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Dear World Series

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