The lodging and hospitality industry has definitely leveled up its game. In the modern world, booking an Airbnb keeps its motto of “home away from home” a satisfying choice.

The joys of booking an Airbnb has its modern ways of giving cheap, swift and comfort when traveling. 


With over 5 million users and over 191 listings worldwide, its approach to the market has made a huge difference since its launch in 2009.

 It has evolved to become a modern mobile marketplace for travelers in search of neat and affordable homestays. As one approach to benefit for the community, We.Hrvst Lifestyle lists reasons why Airbnb is evolving to be the next modern option in the lodging industry to solo and group travelers.

  1. Budget Friendly

Relatively, one of the reasons why Airbnb is a chosen accommodation is because of its affordable pricing. Besides location, the ultimate quality is to save a few bucks settling in an Airbnb compared to staying in a hotel.

Most properties allow activities in an Airbnb such as laundry, cooking, etc.  Basically the space includes some corners of the house of the host.

  1. Extra Space
Spacious and cozy room in Berlin, Germany

On most of the Airbnbs that I have booked and stayed, I noticed that a room supposedly to be good for 4 can actually fit up to more than the number of guests. This is apparent in Europe and U.S Airbnb locations. Having extra space in an Airbnb is bonus points, but it will also be depending on the location and culture of the country where you are traveling.

  1. Amenities 

Who wouldn’t love a few good snacks, extra towels and toiletries or other perks that come with the bookings! There may be amenities that the host can offer for guests. Each stay is unique but personally the most important, wifi connection! Most homestays have bulletin boards containing information of important places like nearest supermarkets, hospitals, and location of the Airbnb. 

  1. Interior Design

Each property I’ve booked had its own intricate surprise of design. It gave us the homey feeling and also the warm hospitality of the host into their homes. Hosts do their best to give that extra look for the property. It’s all about getting good reviews and also adding the tone and texture to provide comfort and a scenic touch to the space. 

  1. Security & Privacy
Our little friend in Paris, France

Unlike being in a hotel where rooms are packed in one floor, Airbnbs give the space and comfort more for intimate stays. The privacy of being in a homestay makes it more reasonable to choose. Although for some properties you might have to check if you’re sharing some with others or most importantly with the hosts. Some properties give instructions in entering the property like possessing a smart lock or code.

  1. Earn from Hosting
Music themed room, Berlin Germany

You can earn from being an Airbnb host! If you have extra property, space or you may be generous enough to share your home with travelers then starting the hosting business is one way to go. You can also earn more from referring another new host to start hosting in Airbnb.

  1. Rating and Review
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You have the option to rate and review your stay. Give insights of how comfortable your stay was, and also inform the host of any uncertainties you encountered to better address. You also get the chance to rate and review the host.

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