One day, I woke up to realize

 Holy hell, I just turned a quarter into life.

25 years has passed and I still find myself a merciless child struggling to face the ego of the present. 

It’s been quite the high ride as I slowly made my way to be lady that is expected of me, but deep inside I hear my conscience choking words they coach me to say and hear. 

I recalled my childhood.

Those times of fun toddling around holding mom’s hands, or carried in my dad’s arms made me quite the troublesome child. I’m thinking about that essay back in

 “Where will you be 5-10 years from now?”

 It hit me. 

I can’t believe time is traveling faster than it is, but this is only the beginning of life. 

A lot of feelings flutter as we age.

For me? Diving into my 20s was a load of questionable fate. I dazed in confusion, curiosity and  consciousness. 

I used to believe that age doesn’t define maturity, but rather a social status. As a growing young professional, I was tempted to be driven by anything that gives a certain class to our profile. 

I have stepped into a breakthrough of my quarter life, and yet still up to now I am finding the inspiration to give me a sign or course of actions of the “What’s next in life?”. 

I came across reading “The Quarter Life Breakthrough by Adam Smiley Poswolsky”. The illustrations incited got me moving on to making me author this short blog about what it feels like to hit 25, and how to get a move on with it.

Here are some of the things that I did during my early 20s that have helped (and still is) helping me brace to life:

  1. Become financially independent;

It’s true!

The early prime years of adulting is meant for us to prepare for the future that we want and eventually will have.  This is the time where bills are piling up and chasing the cut-off every month will not be as exciting. You end up drowning on your own worries. 

*Open a bank account and deposit a shared amount of savings every month.* 

I convinced myself that if I saved a bundle of my earnings, I’d be able to spend it wisely, like more travels and starting an investment that I am passionate for.

One way into this, I highly recommend investing on personal insurance. Sure, there are a lot of things to consider buying at this age, but you always need money for a rainy day and one that will benefit for your bright future.

2. Take Your Drugs

Of course, this point is about knowing what you should and shouldn’t take. 

It was about time that I learned how to take care of myself physically and mentally, so I shifted to take more healthy alternatives. 

Find the habit to take vitamins, dietary supplements, collagen, switching to essential oils and staying hydrated” 

I try to assume myself to stay fit. Eating healthy alternatives, getting the right amount of exercise and sleep. I didn’t need to compete with anyone except for my mental health. 

It’d be wise enough to get a grip but restrict to learn from mistakes, especially when taking other legal substances.

3. Detoxify Your Life

As your body gracefully ages, it would mean longer hangovers after that Friday night of drinks.

Develop a health plan that would benefit you mentally and physically”

 If you’re not a gym person then probably changing your lifestyle is one way to go. 

Trust me, it works all the more if you keep your mindset on point to what you want to feed your body, mind and soul.

The more I was into life, I managed to switch into a healthy lifestyle by picking my food options and portions, I stuck to drink green tea every night. Plus a manageable amount of alcohol. *wink*

4. Adjust Your Socials

The age of technology brings us to stay in hype with ‘the trend’. Aside from reconnecting with people, it also increases our chance to find and stalk our friends or strangers. We have become so indulged into the media ground.

“Recreate your social media inviting a positive environment for you and your followers” 

I deactivated my Facebook account and it soothed my mind to wander off and recognize other platforms beneficial for me. The world wide web gifts us with endless opportunities that makes us realize our self-worth, away from all the negativity.

I lived my life happier than ever, and took into account of the things that I have, and with no one to judge. 

I used my social media to make me feel good about myself, expressing my way of how I want to show myself. I was able to utilize my talent in broadcasting my ideas and writings by sharing it to the world untold. 

And if life takes a toll on you, always remember to stand your ground and be humbly grateful for everything you have & achieved. 

5. Live Life and Let Be

This was quite the breaking moment for me. 

At this point in life, I had to accept everything happens for a reason. One way to go about into life is to experience it. Oh yes, the good and the bad.  The over thinker in me breaks my cycle and makes me lose my mind.

I was doing myself a favor and resulting to check on my mental health, like reading blogs, talking to people, and also a whole lot in meditation and prayer.

Give yourself reason and claim all that has and will happen, the what ifs will slowly fade, not unless you get your life in order. Which leads me to the next bullet

6. Get Your Life In Order

This is the time to learn all about responsibility. No more moping around wondering where the end of the rainbow is. It strucked me the most that you can have your fun moments, but never forget your place.

“Everything and anything you do, is a reflection of your personality. The way you want people to view you” – Mother

I had to be responsible enough to pay rent, bills and credit card charges all on time. 

It was about time that I stopped getting drunk in the club, and not get tossed around by a friend or stranger who was willing to take care of me.

Getting your life in order will save you from mistakes that you don’t want to regret.

7. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Adam Poswolsky describes how it is easy for us to experience (FOMO) nowadays, especially with the interests of the generation. He inspires that the best thing to deal with FOMO is to ‘be grateful of what you have, and take advantage of it”.

We proceed to convince ourselves that we may not be doing our best, or that we work too much and there’s always a need to live a little. As long as it’s for the greater good and it benefits you and this world.

We see a lot of that ‘competition’ amongst our family members, peers, influencers, and even strangers on our social media. 

Make your life interesting, Live your life as how you want it to be written, and start your own trend to please yourself”.

You are the author of your life and you show yourself first the things you are able and unable to do. We are all born to have different talents

Ride a bike, enroll in a class, adopt a pet, go back to school, anything that makes you feel good and that you have something to look back and reflect to your younger self when you get older. 

8. Step Up

“Id rather be experienced than ignorant”

Growing up, I was fully convinced of having a voice for myself and becoming more aware of exercising my rights. The surroundings and the environment I lived in, made me decide on what is right for. I didnt want to play the part of being pretentious and live a life full of excuses that I could not do. I was buried in the what ifs. I learned to step up and survive on my own. 

Furthermore, I equalized myself that there is always a chance to do something, despite the age. If we are able to, then why can’t we?

9. Travel On Your Own

It feeds your mind to become street smart, and venture doors outside your world to witness how beautiful life is. Either if it is a short trip getaway around the city or off to another country. The culture and will immerses you to believe that the world is not what it thinks and will boost your self confidence to treasure memories forever.

“ Traveling is the greatest lesson in life”

I always feared my first solo backpacking tour in South East Asia. I saved myself from missing out on the things I never knew I could do and enrich my life with having to know so much passion in culture. 

10. Invest in You, Completely!

The main point of life is to find what you can accomplish. Finding a way to invest yourself in a talent that you are either familiar with or something you can try and maintain will definitely create a good comeback in your life.

“If you finished a degree and actually pursue it, good for you! If you found a different path, it isn’t the end of the world.”

If you accomplish a good degree and didn’t pursue it, you may be one of the affected individuals who find their post secondary passion after college. It is the exploration stage anyways, and the most important stage with that is to find what you can truly be passionate for, and invest your time, patience and life with it.

Read on to Adam Smiley Poswolsky’s “ The Quarter Life Breakthrough”. I managed to get through with this blog all thanks to Mr. Smiley! I enjoyed listening to his podcast. You can get access from Scribd, or Google books!

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