This island is best known to be the “surf capital” of the Philippines. Regardless of the number of times I’ve returned to this place, it is not only for surfing, but also a place filled with other great adventures that continue to boast the Philippine wonders.

What are the other fun activities to do?

If you’re seeking for other thrilling activities to do nearby, head down to Maasin River. I entered the forest and jungle thrill while swinging into the river. Along the way you can see the breathtaking views of the mountain side of the island. There are other great activities to do but this was far one of the best and potentially challenging experience. 

Best place to view the sunset?

Guiwan Beach also known as the “Secret Beach” – this is no doubt the best place to view the sunset. You will find it on the far eastern side at the end of the island. The serenity of the environment, calmness of the water made it a perfect ending to my day.

Any restaurant recommendations when in the Island?

Breakfast – enjoy a healthy and light breakfast at CREPES. It’s known for its delicious crepes but I personally recommend the fruit bowls consisting of your favorite fruit, chia seeds and homemade yogurt because it gives you a sweet and energy booster to start your day. The place is also picture perfect worthy. What a sweet delight!

Lunch – Situated along General Luna, I made a pit stop at Miguel’s Tacqueria. A Filipino-Mexican fusion restaurant that once started at a small stall by the beach but now has progressed to a full time restaurant. It is famous for its tacos and burritos, your choice of beef or fish dressed with cabbage, different salad dressings of your choice and topped with grated cheese. The beer served ice cold.

Dinner – Get yourself a reservation at Kermit. This hostel/ restaurant boasts of the oven-brick pizzas made in an Italian style. I would recommend the Napoletana prosciutto e funghi pizza, a delight for its meat, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and herbs to top. For an island Filipino dish, taste the   It’s a no wonder that the restaurant expanded a branch at Poblacion, Makati.

Where is the best place to chill?

The Magpupungko Rock pools is my personal favorite place to unwind. It’s location is 35km away from the busy tourist road but it brags of the cool and pristine white beach that gives a relaxing vibe.  It’s best to go after lunch and wait for low tide for the famous rock pools to form.

Where is the best place to bring a date?

A day at Sugba Lagoon makes time worth it with your date. There are a lot of activities you can do like kayaking, paddle boarding and cliff diving all around a little haven of paradise. I found it a great way to spend time closer with people and nature.

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