“Are we the only ones in the resort?” I asked the gentleman who drove us in a golf cart. 

“No Ma’am, we are fully booked!”

When I got to the resort, I felt like we were in a desolated area with the community of Kandaya resort’s hospitality. In an eclipse of time, I found myself in a perfect solitude staycation. 

If the beach is your haven, and you’re looking for the perfect spot to dedicate time for you or your loved ones to a time of luxury and extra privacy, then read more on this experience at this one of a kind paradise. 

Nestled in the heart of Northern Cebu Island, I found myself in the peaceful resort of KANDAYA. I would definitely agree that this is the place you would want to be when it comes to privacy and to have a quick getaway. 


I received an invitation to the awaited TIMAWA event of the resort. It would be the first two day event party that would be open to the public to celebrate the resort’s wellness, and with a line-up of events to happen I was enlivened to enjoy my short stay here. 


Passes were handed off to us, and a brochure of the schedule of events. I was optimistic that I would catch on to any event for the first day. 

Upon arriving in the front desk, and checking with our rooms we were given Kandaya souvenirs, little hydro flasks for our entire stay in the resort. This is for the green intitiaive and zero plastic waste in the resort. How cool!

The staff were so friendly, and the convenience of being a 4-star resort was well performed. Even the manager made his time and way to meet and greet us.


The overall scenic view of the resort resembles to an oceanic island kind of vibe, with the products, food, interiors made locally and produced in the Philippines. 

I was amazed with the exterior of the lobby, it showcased a very Filipino hospitable vibe as a spacious and welcoming atmosophere.

It’s the kind of place where you’ll find yourselves to have your own privacy.

The room was a high-ceiling with points and texture of abaca wood, I could profoundly identify the Filipino setting that the resort promised.

Here are some of the shots from inside the room. 

Now I enjoyed the part where I got to see more of what the resort can offer. Just like a normal resort, the necessary amenities were in place. But each competing with different services as well as the ambiance, what a way to catch the attention.

Equipped with a spa that has the Japanese-style set up. Having a koi fish pond for a relaxing massage? What else can I ask for.

You can enjoy the privacy of booking a villa, one that is stationed to have a private outdoor pool, your choice of the beach or garden view.

My favorite part was the mini petting zoo and the stables. This was intended for guests who want to reconnect with nature, get a glimpse of the resort’s environmental farming life at the same time learn equestrian/horseback riding the Kandaya way. There are personal trainors for this activity where they gave us a tour of the fully equipped amenities for the ride. 

We came across getting to the farm, where everything that is served in the kitchen is grown locally and made organic. This resort definitely has Mother Nature at her best!

Speaking of kitchen, we had early dinner at the KUSINA restaurant. The food was delicious and for a good budget resort price. 

Come night fall, the never ending sunset was a perfect harmony of a good sunset,

The resort prepared activities for guests and visitors. Rock melodies serenaded by a band with a special fire dance performance interlude.

Even with a minute group, it was best enjoyed by the company of the short crowd, with a few cocktails. 

The Next Day

It was quite a short overnight stay, but I was fascinated with the amenities and hospitality that the resort presented. Breakfast is always one of my greatest consideration for me when I review resorts. This resort didn’t fail!

If this article has convinced you to check out the resort, access their website here! https://www.kandayaresort.com/

Note to my readers:

The resort is temporarily closed due to a recent typhoon that greatly affected the area. I was grateful to still be able to visit and review for you guys. Give it a check and time for you to consider your travels in this beautiful resort!

Miss Kalibutan

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